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Sliding Gates

Sliding gates usually have a single door, which runs on a track with a ratchet. They require a long and narrow space for the gate to slide along during the opening and closing phases. This type of gate is the ideal protection for wide entrances, entrances placed uphill or wherever the space inside the property is not sufficient to enable the opening of swing gates.

Whenever you have to choose the ideal type of motor system you need to consider the weight and, when necessary, the length of the door.

They are equipped with sensitive edges for maximum safety during the closing phase: the anti-crushing/obstacle detection function stops and reverses the movement of the gate in case its movement is blocked, thus avoiding damage to people and objects.

Swing Gates

Swing gates open with a rotation around a fulcrum, just like an ordinary door. When the gate’s doors open, they usually turn inward thus requiring specific internal space.

Knowing the dimensions and the approximate weight of the leaf gate, the sturdiness of the post and the leaf gate, the material it is made of, is necessary in order to choose the ideal automation system.

The automations are usually powered by the 230V supply and 24Vdc, which, thanks to the low voltage  guarantees a safer operation. Moreover, the 24Vdc power supply is recommended when an intensive use is necessary, which is usually requested for commercial and industrial application.

Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are the logical choice for external Security combined with property fences to enclose open spaces for secure front yard or shared area’s such as car parking.

We can design and fit complete new installations or replace existing pedestrian gates to fit in with existing walls and fences.

Manual or Automated options are available with a variety of access keys such as remote buzz with existing intercom equipment or manual code entry the options are too many to list speak to one of our staff to get the best solution to your needs.Both domestic and commercial implementations are available as well as high security gates and doors for sites requiring maximum protection.